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    Shanghai Tianbao Fastener Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    Founded in 2001,Shanghai Tianbao Fastener Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has grown to be one of the largest fastener manufacturer and exporter in China. With over 10 years’experience, we explore the market in 33 countries and regions in the world , with over 150 variety customers, total export value Usd 50 million in 2010.
  • Basic Information
    Nature of Business Manufacturer,Exporter
  • Statutory Profile
    IEC Code IND123456
    Legal Status of Business LSBACT
    PAN NO. USD654321
    Sales Tax No. STR321
    Services Tax No. ST123456
    Excise Registeration No. ERN555
    TIN / VAT No. VAT654321
    ISO Certification ISO655
    CST No. CST556
    Certificate Of Incorporation No CIN700
    Manufaturers Licence Number MLN151
    Importers Licence Number ILN123
    Exporters Licence Number ELN000

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