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 - through paint mil gauges

through paint mil gauges

Through Paint Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge PRUT600 Features Ability to measure through paint and eliminate the thickness of paint and coatings using echo to echo time of flying technology Capable of inspecting super-thin work piece (min. thickness of steel is 0.15mm) Digital LCD display(1.8 inch×1.2inch) with backlight 2 modes optional: Echo-Echo mode and Interface-Echo mode USB 2.0 interface for data output. 500 groups of data memory. CMC certificate. Automatic zero calibration High precision, the acquisition of thickness change of 1‰ mm. Main Technical Specifications Resolution 0.001mm Accuracy 0.005mm Measuring Mode I-E; E-E Measuring Range 0.15mm-25mm Transducer frequency 15MHz, 20MHz Transducer Diameter 15P ¢6 Velocity 1000-9999m/s Display 128*64 LCD,LED backlighted Dimensions in inch 6.1×2.7×1.1 Weight 230g Standard Delivery Main Unit 1 pc Transducer (15P¢6) 1 pc Manual 1 pc Each set in a blue plastic carrying case (25*22*7cm), then in outer carton (32*13*27cm)


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