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Corpiness WTR shows the dealing actions of importers and exporters all around the world.

We provide you with hard data about your overseas suppliers and domestic competitors. Using shipping data source from Customs agencies in the United States, Latin America, and Globally, Corpiness WTR can help you find reliable new trading partners, monitor your competitors’ shipments, and keep an eye on your current suppliers and customers.

Our team of professional import-export experts, cutting-edge software developers, and customer service professionals has worked for years to build the world's most highly effective and accessible database of international trade intelligence.

We do this for a good customer base that requires eager insight into international trade.

Our clients include some of the world's top importers, exporters, freight forwarders, logistics companies, manufacturers, investment banks, financial analysts, intellectual property attorneys, and more. They use our resources to:

  • Research the trading activity of importers and suppliers
  • Identify and vet new sources for any kind of product
  • Monitor the competition and their trade connections
  • Generate sales leads for transportation and logistics companies
  • Track the activity of publicly-traded companies
  • Investigate and enforce intellectual property infringement
  • Ensure exclusive agent compliance