KPL International Ltd.  

Exporter & manufacturer of Exclusive agents for : 1) BP Solvay for PE (Applications : Gas & Water Pipe, Milk Packaging, Organoleptic, Caps & Closure, Car Fuel Tanks, Steel Pipe Coating , Chemical & Petroleum transportation). 2) Schumann Sasol for Fisher - Tropsch Hard Waxes (Applications : PP&PE processing, masterbatches, PVC one-pack stabilizers, candles cosmetics, cable jelly, shoe polish etc.) 3) BYK - Chemie for additives for PVC Plastisols, PUR Artificial Leathercloth and stabilizer for PU foam (both rigid & flexible) 4) BP Chemicals for PP Homopolymers & Copolymers (Application : BOPP / Cast films, low heat seal films, metallizable films, retort packaging etc.) 5) Solvin SA / Vinythai for PVC (Emulsion), PVC (Suppression) + PVC Copolymers (Application : Artificial leathercloths, Vinyl Flooring, UBC / Sealants, Rigid / blister PVC films, flexible PVC films, PVC pipes, inks & coatings, Aluminium foils etc.) 6) Solvin GmbH for PVDC (Application : Barrier coating for blister films for pharma industry, food packaging etc.) 7) Solvay Fluor for HCFC (141B) - (Application : Polyols) 8) CFB Germany for Flame Retardant. 9) Engelhard for Kaolins (Application: PVC / Rubber compounding, masterbatches) 10) Quality Minerals for Calcium Carbonate (Application : PVC / Rubber compounding, masterbatches, other filler application.)