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US Imports by Year for Top Ten Countries in 2019

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Mexico is the highest exporter to USA

There is around more than 15 countries make up over half of all US imports in 2019 today. Out of those we would like to share with you top 10 countries those are successfully famous around the world. They are Mexico, Canada, China, Japan, Germany, South Korea, UK, France and India. The United States of America imported most of the goods from Canada as a neighboring state. Mexico is one of the highest exporter to USA in 2019 i.e. 15% of total trade. Similarly Canada is 14.8% of total trade which is next to Mexico.

What makes these countries such successful exporters?

Those exporters have a comparative advantage in at least one of four areas and China, Canada and Mexico, India are also best at supplying goods in low and affordable costs. Germany, France and UK export high quality goods. However, Japan has always been a strategy to focus on specific products for targeted markets in the world. Japan already adopted the most successful and competitive advantage strategies that is matching with each of the nation’s strengths.

According to USA census,specified what the United States imports from these 10 countries in overall percentage year wise with the following.

Total Trade Partners of USA in 2019

(Source: report July 2019)

Rank Country Exports Imports Total Trade Percent of Total Trade
1 Mexico 151.4 209.7 361.1 15.0%
2 Canada 172.0 185.0 357.0 14.8%
3 China 60.7 260.6 321.3 13.3%
4 Japan 43.4 85.8 129.2 5.4%
5 Germany 34.8 73.7 108.5 4.5%
6 Korea, South 33.0 45.7 78.7 3.3%
7 United Kingdom 39.4 36.6 76.1 3.2%
8 France 22.0 34.6 56.6 2.3%
9 India 20.9 34.4 55.3 2.3%
10 Taiwan 17.8 30.8 48.6 2.0%

Mexico exports many goods to USA such as vehicles, electrical machineries, vegetables, iron and steel and precious metals.

Canada exports Plastics, aluminum, paper and paperboard, iron and steel and commodities not specified according to kind to USA.

China is a huge exporter in the world; it imports to US mainly computers, broadcasting equipment, telephones, mobiles and office machine parts.

Japan is worldly famous for automobiles and machineries so definitely that exports vehicles and electronic items.

Germanyis best known for cars and medicines manufacturer according to other countries that always one step ahead to produce these things, so that exports like medicines, cars and vehicles, planes and helicopters and other chemical products are exports to USA from Germany every year.

South Koreaexports chemicals, ships, television sets, clothing, household appliances, semi-conductors and computers.

However, UK exports crude oil, pharmaceutical products, electrical machinery, cars and mechanical machineries. UK not only exports to USA but also exports same items to other parts of the world.

France exports mainly high quality goods mainly aluminum, refined petroleum, corn and barley to USA.

Yes India is one of the large exporters in the world and USA is a big fan of India.India exports many things including rice, mica, beef, spices, garments and tea etc.

As we know Taiwan is very famous for electronics and communication products that exports to USA like communication devices, rubber, plastics, electronic products etc.

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