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Types of Transport Modes used in the Import-Export Trade

import export trade

As you know transportation mode is an integral part of your business whether is in national or international trade without transport you cannot shipped goods to anywhere in the world. So before transporting its very need it’s planning that is how to import and export your products in national or international boundaries.

If you think about mode of transport for transporting of goods by following modes:

  • Rail transport,
  • Road transport,
  • Air Transport,
  • Water Transport,

Especially the mode of transport depends in the contract specified between the exporter and importer. The best mode of transport for exporting and importing depends on a large number of factors likes ‘weight, value, size and various types of goods to be transported. Transport always decides a source and destination and laws are also matter as per the country’s rules and regulations on it. Kind of goods also does matter that if there is sophisticated goods need to be export in that case needs to give the attention what types of transport you have chosen for. Otherwise your shipped goods can be damaged which could be a great loss in your business. After you decided, the importer or the exporter can do handle the logistics part or carried with the help of freight forwarder.

Modes of transports

Road transport

Once the consignment is ready to carry out of your goods by road for any destination in the local area; in this case maximum custom documentation not required. But in road transport there is limited reach ability if you think about size, weight and volume by carrying capacity etc. On the other hand traffic is causes a big issue in delivering of goods in time. Similarly, weathers are also other disturbances could create various problems in the road transport. But road transport is somehow cost-effective and doorstep delivery.

Rail transport

Rail transport is another land transport better to carry out goods by medium to long distances easily. In this transport mode you can send large volume of goods. Generally exporters and importers used rail transport heavy goods in large volume such coal, liquid gas, petroleum, iron and steel, cement, fertilizers etc. Rail transport also taken less time to reach in the destination as well as it is safe and reliable as compare to road transport. Thus, it is dependable transit time, easily covered long distances even in the same day. Rail transport is also very cost-effective.

Water transport

Water transport basically chosen for transporting cargo in the international level means one country to other countries. It is one of the oldest modes considered ideal to carry large quantity of consignments over long distances. There might be some delay in delivery of goods by water transport why am saying, generally by air that may take around 3 to 7 days normally but shipped through water route may take multiple of days than air transport.

Water transport is the best way to carry commodities in very large volume one country to other countries easily. You can imagine there is almost 90% various commodities shipped by water transport globally on daily basis such as iron and steel, petroleum, crude oil, heavy machines, auto parts, agricultural commodities, metals and minerals to name a few. Sea or ocean transport has various options in carriers, vast network in the world and affordable transport price.

Air transport

Air transport is one of safest and the quickest modes among all other means of transport, good can be delivered within a very quick time compared with other transports. Market place and retail industry mostly used to ship their goods through air transport.

Air transport is a bit expensive mode of transport as compare to others by involving airport taxes as well as high airfares and other charges. Mostly sophisticated commodities carry out by air transport such as flowers, foods, medicines and other pharmaceutical items, official documents and stationeries. This is not fit to carry heavy commodities and goods to other countries. More so you need to get help of another transport to carry your commodities from airport to your doorstep.

So what types of mode of transport you have chosen for your commodities no doubt it is important second thing appropriate packaging and proper documentation whatever required is very essential to meet your goals in terms of export and import business.

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