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Top most furniture importer countries in 2019

furniture export import data

According to The World Furniture Outlook 2019, consumption of furniture is forecasted to grow by 3.2% in 2019 around the globe. Out of them, some of the fastest growing continues are Asia and Pacific countries such as India, China with other regions of world also grow up to 3% in real terms actually. There are many furniture importers are around the world today. Out of them major importers of furniture are like United States, France, United Kingdom, Canada and Germany. In last few years, the increase of furniture imports by United States seen in international furniture trade.

Furniture Producing Countries

Do you know China is the main furniture producing country in the world? Only China produces 39% of furniture in the world yearly. Next to China other furniture manufacturing countries are United States, Germany, Italy, India, Vietnam and Poland. In 2018 furniture production was more than half of world. Thus, overall Asia-pacific is the largest region of furniture producing.

How do you go for research on furniture export import business worldwide? Following steps are will help you to go in this way and gather information in details as well.

Market Research Report on Furniture Includes:

  • Growth of furniture imports around the world
  • Purpose and role of furniture exporting countries in the big marketplace of different part in world.
  • Major furniture exporters by geographical location or region wise
  • Study and analysis of the openness of furniture markets in the world cities that covers such as
  • Past decade,
  • Trade balance
  • Imports and consumption
  • Exports and production ratios

As per CSIL report in 2019 the international furniture trade of this group around 100 countries about US$ 150 billion in furniture trading in 2018. This corresponding to 1% of world trade of manufactures future has been projected and forecasts for continuing growth in 2019 and 2020.  Somehow forecast also affected by substantial downside risks deriving from growing trade tensions as well astride policies. However, consumption of furniture is forecasted to grow by 3.2% worldwide with real terms in 2019.

international furniture trade

Furniture revenues generated based on following in this segment:

  • Modular System
  • Seating
  • Desk and Tables
  • Others type of furniture

Overall the furniture markets are more increase in the word in last five years. According report that has been noticed grown this market every year, so mainly imports the furniture. The furniture importers can get details on proper information of furniture industry from us. It’s very crucial for the business growth. If you are looking for furniture export import data Corpiness World Trade Report is the best choice for updated and relevant data for your businesses. More information calls us on: +91-9891807878.

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