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On Tempered Glass From China Centre Decides To Impose Anti-Dumping Duty

growth in IndiaOn tempered glass coming from China India has introduced an anti-dumping to safeguard the domestic industry from cheap below the cost imports. To protect smart phones and tablets, the tempered glass is mostly used.

The new duty will range from $2.85/tonne to $136.21/tonne on tempered (coated) and uncoated glass. An investigation made by the Directorate General of Anti-Dumping and Allied Duties and found that the tempered glass imported from China to India is much below the normal value. So the local industry in a loss by the dumping of this below cost glass by China.

Earlier in August, The Commerce and industry minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that under the anti-dumping duty, 93 products getting imported from China. The categories of these products are chemicals and petrochemicals, steel and other metal products, fibers and yarn, machinery items, rubber or plastic products, electric and electronic items and consumer goods.

The anti-dumping duty not only safeguarding the local industry but also helps in reducing the ever increasing trade deficit of India with China. By 2.13% Indian imports from China increased and reached to $61.70 billion in 2015-16, but in 2016-17 it fell down by 0.7% to reach $61.28 billion.