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On some stainless steel imports, India levies anti-dumping duty

Steel ExportsOn few cold-rolled flat products of stainless steel, the centre has imposed anti-dumping duty coming from China, the US, South Korea and the EU. This will put a check on the cheaper imports and help to protect the domestic industry.

Until the 10th of December 2020, this duty will stay in effect and some grades of stainless steel will remain exempt from it, said by a notice.

If the end use of the imported product is in the same form the import will be allowed, as the government has put this condition, a statement published in this notice.

For five years being imported from China and the European Union on the import of some flat steel products, the centre had levied an anti-dumping duty Just a few days back.

On some hot rolled and cold rolled products of stainless steel an additional countervailing duty of 18.95% was imposed last month. It was the first time such a levy was imposed on a steel item.