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This Season To Australian Market Indian Mangoes To Be Exported

Indian Mangoes Before sending to Australia for the current season, Indian mangoes are being sent to the Lasalgaon irradiation center for fruit processing.

Before mangoes are shipped to Australia, as per the rule, the mangoes have to be compulsorily irradiated. Also for exporting mangoes to the USA, the irradiation process is compulsory. The fruits are exposed to ionizing radiations in the irradiation process as it helps in preserving the fruits cutting down the risk of foodborne illness; it also prevents the spread of invasive pests without harming the fruit, losing it nutritive value or making it radioactive.

At the Lasalgaon and Vashi irradiation centers, The Irradiation process is already in process for the shipments that will go the USA. In Lasalgaon, Vashi, and Bengaluru, there are three radiation centers in India Currently.

From India-Australia had agreed on importing mangoes In June 2016 but the season was ending the exports did not take place in the previous year. last year, About 567 MT (metric tonnes) of mangoes were processed. This year till June end around 700MT mangoes will be processed as per the plan made by the center and to the USA till now7.5 MT has already been processed and shipped.