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To the new Basmati import norms, EU sets deadline of 31 December to confirm

Basmati importThe Commerce and Industry Minister, C R Chaudhary told that to meet the new regulations for import of Basmati Rice the European Union has given India 31st December as the deadline.

To get the maximum residue limit (MRL) level for Tricyclazole (that is a fungicide) in Basmati rice to not more than 0.01 mg per kg starting the next year, these new standards from the European Commission have asked. To all the countries exporting rice, these regulations have been prescribed.

In a conference in Assocham, Chaudhary told that because of some plague or technical points, the European Union has asked us not to send Basmati rice to them. For not using these pesticides, we have to make the farmer aware and for this, we requested them to at least give us time. Until December 31, 2017, they have given time to us. So we have to focus on quality.

To get to this standard prescribed by the European Union, it may take up to two crop cycles, said by the Indian experts. Mainly to the EU, India exports PB1 and 1401 varieties of aromatic basmati rice. Till now by the EU the Indian consignments of these varieties with Tricyclazole MRL at 0.03 mg per kg were being taken.

These norms will benefit Pakistan, said by the industry experts, that does not use Tricyclazole in its crops and will be able to trade more getting the advantage of these new norms. However, around Rs 1,700 crore Indian Basmati rice may get into a problem.

In 2016-17, to the EU exported Basmati rice weighing 3.5 lakh tonnes and of value Rs 1,744 crore India has exported and the world largest rice exporter in India. Annually the Basmati export to the EU makes about 10% of the total 40 lakh tonnes, made by a report.

The minister also informed that India will come in the top 50 nations in the convenience of doing business as soon as the 2019 rankings come out due to GST implementation. He said, “After the GST is considered, we will certainly be in the top 50 when the World Bank releases its Doing business review in 2019.”