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Kolkata Dock System has been congested by Direct Port Delivery

With the aim of facilitating trade, the recently introduced Direct Port Delivery (DPD), has led to severe congestion at the Kolkata Container Terminal, and as per source,  it is causing agony to container operators calling at the port.

In the country Kolkata Dock System is one of the oldest city-based ports, at the terminal has considerable space, besides lack of infrastructure, they point out.

Moreover, It has been a year, on a staggered basis of almost 7 hours a day, the Kolkata Police authorities have imposed road restrictions on the movement of heavy vehicles around the port area. Thus By doing this, the movement of cargoes/containers to/from the port becomes easy.

The congestion inside the port terminal also affected by the implementation of DPD, hence its affects severely vessel operations.

Considering pre-berthing delays and period towards berth occupancy for cargo operations, vessel turnaround time continues to increase.

In the present depressed exim market, container vessel operators face huge losses towards their operating costs, under the prevailing situation including the shipping lines/trade, who are incurring higher costs towards port demurrage charges owing to delays in clearance.

It is experienced that, in view of the available features designed by off-dock CFS providers close to the port for assisting rapid removal/clearance from/to the port, it would be appropriate for the port to demand removal of cargoes in containers by importers within the recommended time limit of 3 days of getting from boat, unable which such cargoes/containers should be able to be removed to selected off-dock CFS in order to decongest the yard.

Moreover, due to shortage of speedy rake handling facility at the terminal, the growing volume of rail-bound exim containers is also adding to the ground stock

In a long-term and sustained manner, the competent authorities take a fresh look at the DPD policy in the interest of port users and now this is important according to these conditions. Said by Source.