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Indian shrimp import stopped by Thailand

shrimp importAs per the resources, the shrimp export to Thailand has not been occurring for last three months. Thailand is not publishing shrimps from Malaysia as well.

Thailand is an increasing sell for Indian seafood. The short-term suspension of import of Indian shrimp is a bad news for the Indian exporters.

Out of total 5.7 billion dollars Indian seafood export, the exports to South East Asia account for 30% share that is about 1.70 billion dollars. 13% of this seafood export to South East Asia is associated with Thailand.

The General of the Royal Thai Consulate’s Commercial Section has confirmed that import certificate for five types of shrimps (Penaeus Esculentus, Fenneropenaeus, Penoeus Vannamai, Pernaeus Monodon, Penaeus Stylirostris) has been temporarily suspended.

The Department of Fishery, Thailand has taken this action of v on the recommendations of World Organization for Animal Health to avoid the spread of the Infectious Myonecrosis (IMNV).

The Indian seafood industry has to face this set back as Thailand has been a good and growing market for the food processing industry giving many possibilities for common cooperation.

European Union (EU) which is the third largest market for the Indian exporters has already brought up some quality problems with Indian. The EU is delivering an audit team for facility inspection within the country.

EU has been raising problems over the use of medications in the Indian shrimps and due to the dissatisfactory reaction from Indian regulators, may also considering prohibiting the imports.

The Eu has just last year modified the examining standards for seafood products increasing the testing examples from at least 10% of the consignments to 50%.