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For Indian Pomegranate, Banana & Okra Canada Opens Its Markets

Indian From India for the first time the import of bananas, pomegranate, custard apple and okra has been allowed by Canada.

From India last year Canada had allowed the import of grapes. With god rates and in large quantities, it is expected that Pomegranate will be exported, said by an official source. As Indian residents living in the North American country is increasing, so Canada has opened its market for Indian Okra.

For the terms of Free Trade Agreement, the two countries started renegotiating in the past week. For the talks, the Canadian team had come down and as a result of those talks these developments came out. for the further talks between the two countries, industry experts said that this move will create a more favorable background. For that reason, it should be good news for the domestic consumers and also it shows the improved quality of Indian agro products.

As Canada is opening its market for Indian products, so the official source also told that by the Indian exporters it directly implies that their prescribed standards are being met. From India for the import of these fruits and vegetables few conditions also have been put up by Canada. The consignment should not have soil, pests, leaves and other plant debris is one of the conditions. The shipping documents should clearly show the origin of the material is also another condition. It is difficult to send custard apple and banana through the sea route, and these fruits also perish faster, so as per the official, these fruits will be sent in small quantities. Through sea route, the distance between the two countries is large. In 2016-17, the agro-food exports from India to Canada were at $125.5 million. Out of this, $2.2 million was fresh mango, grapes and other fruit.