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In The First Quarter, Indian Seafood Export Rises 25%


Mainly due to a high demand for frozen shrimp, in the first quarter of the financial year 2017, the seafood exports of India have increased.

Seafood of worth Rs. 9066 crore India sent shipments and had a volume of 251,735 tonnes. When compared with the figures of export last year, the exports show a 25% hike in quantity and around 16% rise in value.

When seen in money, the exports reached from $1.17billion last year to $1.42 billion. When seen in dollar terms, 51% of the proportion of the fish exports was of freezing shrimp when seen amount sensible and 75 % of the complete value of the deliveries.

Main variety of shrimp was Vannamei that was shipped. The growth in export was achieved in the face of continued uncertainties in the global seafood trade, said by the Chairman of Marine Products Export Development.

In dollar value, the next largest seafood export item was frozen squid was that made up 7.82 % of the quantity and 5.81 %. In the list of exported items, frozen fish was a nest after frozen squid.