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In FY17 India’s Agricultural Exports Down To $33.87 Billion

Agricultural ExportsIn FY 2013-14, Indian agricultural exports have fallen from $43.23 billion to $33.87 billion. To the Rajya Sabha Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman was informed in a written reply.

The low rates of commodities in the global market are the main reason for this fall which has made Indian exports uncompetitive and Mr Sitharaman notified to the Parliament in her letter.

The agricultural products like the marine products and the plantations are however seen an increase. from $15.03 billion to $25.09 billion, in FY 2013-14 and in FY 2016-17, there has been risen the agricultural imports of India.

As per the minister, there are many factors which impact the import and export of the agricultural commodities and the factors include availability and quality of the product supply in global and domestic markets.

The minister explained that “Edible oils and pulses, which are in short supply in India, account for the bulk of India’s import of agricultural products”.

In the last three years, in the total exports of the chunk of agricultural exports of the country has fallen slightly, Mr Sitharaman also replied in writing.