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For food exports packaging Government creating norms

foodFor the export of food products, the government is currently working to create some new packaging standards. Now there are the rising concerns over food safety and health standards, so the Govt has taken this step. In developed markets, some Indian food products are rejected as they are not able to meet the norms of these countries.

For exporting 500 products, specifically, the ministry of commerce and industry has made a standing committee to create the packaging norms that include fresh fruits and vegetables, spices, tea, and coffee. With standards of developed markets like the US, Vietnam, the European Union, and Japan, the Govt made such regulations to improve the level.

With this new packaging standards, contamination of food will be avoided which can happen in the way. To boost the exports of fresh and processed food products, the government has taken this step to change the norms. To fetch more business and decrease rejection, these norms will help the exporters.

To increase the awareness in this regard, the standing committee has also been asked to help start a degree course. The role of this committee will to find and use newer materials for packaging. The members of the committee are the Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP), Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), many prominent research institutes and industry associations including Tea Board of India and Coffee Board of India.