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For the first time, India becomes a net exporter of power

exporter of powerIn the April¬-February period of this fiscal, India for the first time ever has become a net exporter of electricity. The power ministry stated on Wednesday that first time India has turned around from a net importer of electricity to net exporter of electricity As per Central Electricity Authority (CEA), the designated authority of the government of India for cross-border trade of electricity.

In between April 2016 – February 2017, as per the statement of the ministry, India has sent about 5,798 million units of power to Nepal, Bangladesh, and Myanmar and from Bhutan imported 5,585 million units of power. So by 213 million units, the export has exceeded the import.

In past three years, to Nepal and Bangladesh, the power export increased tremendously. from the mid-¬80s, India has been importing electricity from Bhutan. From Bhutan, India is buying power and from states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh to Nepal at 33 kV and 132 kV marginally exporting in the radial mode.

About 5,000-¬5,500 million units Bhutan supplies power to India annually as per the statement. To Nepal about 190 MW power from 12 cross-border interconnections at 11kV, 33kV and 132 kV level India also sends. By around 145 MW, the new Muzaffarpur (India) – Dhalkhebar (Nepal) 400kV line power export to Nepal increased.

At Baharampur (India) and Bheramara Power export to Bangladesh was boosted by cross-border line at 400kV which were commissioned in September 2013. Further, the export was boosted by another connection from Surjyamaninagar (Tripura, India) and South Comilla (Bangladesh). Presently to Bangladesh, about 600 MW power is being sent.

In between 132 kV Katiya (Bihar) – Kusaha (Nepal) and 132 kV Raxaul (Bihar) – Parwanipur (Nepal), Two more lines are going to be commissioned soon increasing the export to Nepal by 145 MW.