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To enhance cooperation Port Authority of Strasbourg & HAROPA ink agreement

THE Port Authority of Strasbourg (PAS) and HAROPA, in the presence of Ms Catherine Trautmann, Chair of PAS, Mr Jean-Louis Jérôme, Executive Director of PAS and Mr Hervé Martel, Vice-President of HAROPA and Executive Director of HAROPA-Port of Le Havre, have finalized a collaboration contract here targeted at improving their collaboration.

The collaboration is based on 4 facets:


The PAS and HAROPA want to make a planned and high-performance rail service emerge, linking their business areas in Day A – Day B. This service is a business allowing Strasbourg to broaden the seaports provided from its area and thus accomplish freight trade by Rhine companies. To deal with the increasing blockage of the ports in the ARA area produced by super container-ships, a different via HAROPA will allow for getting competition with regards to transportation times and transportation expenses.

For HAROPA, the collaboration between seaports and inland ports is emerging. HAROPA is already both the France largest container seaport and the France major national port. HAROPA provides a large hinterland, the centre of which is located in the Seine area and the London area developing France’s biggest customer market. This new collaboration makes it possible to increase its European hinterland towards the east via Strasbourg.


The associates have the most popular aspirations to enhance the efficiency of the trans-European transportation system, especially concerning the following corridors: Atlantic, North Sea-Mediterranean, Rhine-Alps and Rhine-Dan-ube. Interport collaboration also is designed for sharing good practices and experiences as regards port alliances.

Strasbourg, like HAROPA, indeed realized to a friend with geographical associates. Designed this year, the HAROPA EIG (Economic Interest Group) categories together the ports of Le Havre, Rouen and London and holds combined financial passions with the aim to build a European-sized port system in the area of market, logistics and tourism at the assistance of their clients in an extremely aggressive North European area.

Since 2012, the port of Strasbourg has allied with 8 other ports in the Higher Rhine in Switzerland, Germany and France: Ludwigshafen, Mannheim, Karlsruhe, Kehl, Colmar/Neuf-Brisach, Basle, Mulhouse et Weil-am-Rhein, within the structure of the most popular venture “Upper Rhine, a linked corridor”, an exceptional collaboration suggested by the transportation plan of the European Commission.


Innovation and digitalisation are highly at share in logistics and transport. The associates shall give very special interest to the switch of excellent methods with regards to traffic control, intelligent cities/smart ports. The PAS will especially bring assistance to HAROPA in its approach to the industrial environment. The CLES strategy performed in Strasbourg is so far one of the most efficiently completed in France.


Finally, the PAS and HAROPA wish to connect with one speech in Europe and overseas in order to have the ideal position of France in the port economic system (both sea and river) observed and known.

This collaboration will be mainly expressed by planning typical company activities and thematic classes in France and overseas.

The contract gives a type to the most popular will of each partner to develop impressive and relevant alternatives adding to enhancing new deals and services to enhance the appeal of the port websites of PAS and HAROPA, said a release.