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The Dumping Of Solar Cells From China, Taiwan, Malaysia Invested By India

solar farmRegarding the alleged dumping of solar cells, India has started an investigation which originating from China, Taiwan, and Malaysia. Against cheap imports, this probe will help in guarding the domestic solar cell manufacturers. To start this investigation, the Indian Solar Manufacturers Association had requested the center.

Anti-dumping and Allied Duties (DGAD), Directorate General, the Commerce Ministry’s investigating body has found proof directing that the above-mentioned countries have thrown out inexpensive ‘solar cells whether or not constructed partly or completely in segments or sections or on glass or some other appropriate substrates’.

DGAD will be suggesting anti-dumping duty on importing of the product under investigation if it is proved that this dumping of cheap solar cells has created a loss for the local manufacturers. to guard the local industry against cheap imports and also to give them equal ground to compete is the main aim of anti-dumping duty.

An investigation into the alleged dumping and also consequent injury to the domestic industry DGAD has started their work. April 2016-June2017, this probe will work. if the domestic industry has faced losses, the data from 2013-2016 will also be studied to analyze.

When required the anti-dumping duty, the World Trade Organisation (WTO) regime allows. Investigations of many other imported products have been undertaken by DGAD like some chemicals and steel products.  For the Indian manufacturers, Chinese dumping of goods has been a reason for concern. Making the trade deficit increase, Chinese imports to India amounted to $61.3 billion whereas imports were only $10.2 billion in 2016-17.