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In August the export of finished steel register growth of 36%, import high by 62%

Steel ExportsThere is a hike 36% in the month of August 2017 in the exports of finished steel. Under the Ministry of Steel, this data has been published by the Joint Plant Committee (JPC) in a report.

As per the report, in August 2017, the export of finished steel was at 0.923 million tonne which was at 0.679 million tonnes in the same month of the year previous year showing the growth.

Between April-August 2017, as per the data of the period demonstrates the export shows an upward pattern with a 3.73 million tonne quantity of deliveries which is a rise by 2.37% when compared with the figures of the same period of the previous year.

The imports of the finished steel have also registered a growth, besides an increase in the steel exports.

In the months of August, the report by JPC shows that the imports show a surge by more than 62% when compared with the same month of last year.

As per the data, during April- August 2017 the steel import has registered a growth of 15.9%. In the said period, the import figure was at 3.458 million tonnes and in April-August 2016 was only at 2.983 million tonnes.