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With Anti-Dumping Duty From China Chemical Import Likely To Be Imposed

Chemical ImportOver USD 397 per tonne, the center is most likely to put an anti-dumping duty on a chemical that is used in construction and dyes industry and is being imported from China. to safeguard the domestic makers of the chemical, government is deciding on this move Sulphonated Naphthalene Formaldehyde’ from the cheap imports of the same coming in from China.

The Directorate General of Anti-dumping and Allied Duties (DGAD) is the Commerce ministry’s arm for searching and has given a summary from its results that the chemical has been released from China to India on a cost that is below normal and so has resulted in dumping.

“The domestic industry has experienced content damage due to the disposal of the item,” DGAD announced in a notice. The business has given a recommendation of “imposition of specified anti-dumping duty” for a time frame of five years to protect the domestic market and helps it in recovering from an injury caused due to inexpensive disposal as well.

Many chemical companies had requested for probes on dumping from China. The DGAD, however, can only suggest the work. It is the Finance Ministry’s decision to impose it. The anti-dumping probe is used by countries to find out if the domestic companies are harmed by the below the costs imports.

If it is shown, they encourage anti-dumping duties under the multi-lateral WTO program. To help create the business reasons and providing a level-playing area to the local market, anti-dumping measures are practised. These measures cannot be used for the import curbing or to enhance the cost of a product without any reason. The anti-dumping steps are to ensure that a fair trade happens and the domestic industry gets an identical level to compete.