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Since a decade, trade business of any countries is getting enlarged every day and many business associates finding it beneficial to import export in India, China and US and many economically growing countries in the world. The question is how to collect trade statistics or figures of such country, if you will go back to few years, this issue actually affected businesses and trade houses due to shortage of proper information and helpful sources. But today this problem has been sort out as well; there are so many import and export data providers available online to provide updated import and export data.

Trade data basically almost available for any countries and helps to get the actual and updated import-export statistics for such country. However, it is a beneficial to those who want to keep updated and current trends scenarios of the market.

Especially, data providing companies have professional connections with customs offices, port authorities, and trade associations of different countries to get recent and updated data. This import and export data have come in two ways with the following:

Export trade data Export data is a combination of export statistics or figures of any country. That helps actually to global buyers, importers and exporters to get actual information on suppliers or manufacturers. So that you can track each and every export shipment records of any port for such countries. That is compiled from export bills filed at Indian customs only.

Import trade data similarly, it’s a combination of import stats or figures of the country. That definitely helps to global suppliers and exporters to get the information on importer. You will track each and every import shipment that arrives at any port of India. It is compiled from import bills filed at customs offices.  Import data helps to build better strategies, right workable decisions, and accurate information to grow your business.

  • Trade Data has lots of benefits for your business such as;
  • Eliminates of middle man or brokers,
  • Least expensive due to easily available online data.
  • Control of investors
  • Fast Transactions
  • Great Control and Real time trading

Corpiness provides Export Import data for various countries, we have largest database in terms of both the number of countries included in its database and providing information about actual overseas importers and exporters. We are providing online import export data from 75 countries. For more information you can call us on +91-9891807878.

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